What’s New October 2020

Life is about change and adaptation. Not alone navigating the upheaval of the COVID pandemic, we all must adjust in ways we never believed would be inevitable and necessary. A year ago, I thought I might transition to the Powell River community.

The closing of Yoga on 7th studio, a studio I taught at for several years and a complicated  medical condition instigated this change of thinking for me. For a number of reasons, the decision I made one year ago has brought me back to live in Vancouver. I am excited with the changes afoot in my Physiotherapy practice and Iyengar yoga teaching.

For many years, I have had an independent Physiotherapy practice in my Vancouver home. Recently, I have expanded this space to include a small well equipped yoga studio “Mountainview Yoga studio”.

During COVID times, this space that can accommodate 5 students spaced 8-10 feet apart with window ventilation. If we ever see an end to COVID, this space can comfortably accommodate up to 8 students.

I will continue to see both past and new clients in my Physiotherapy practice on an  accommodating schedule. Please refer to the Iyengar yoga teaching schedule for class days and times.

During the late spring and summer, I will be tending to my garden in Powell River. This retreat allows me to fulfill my passion for gardening while enjoying the out of doors.

Please direct any inquiries by either calling me directly at 604 671 9159 or via email.