August 2023

We are in times of change?

Adapting to aging, family and health issues often dictate how we move forward in our journey called Life!

As a Physiotherapist and Iyengar Yoga instructor,  I have had to make significant changes in my life for health reasons.

For many years, I have had an independent Physiotherapy practice in my Vancouver home. Recently (2021), I expanded this space to include a small well equipped yoga studio , “Mountainview Yoga studio”.


This space can accommodate 5 students.  As an Yoga instructor and drawing from my Physiotherapy experience, my classes will be geared towards helping students adapt to aging, health issues and recovering from injury.

I will continue to see both past and new clients in my Physiotherapy practice on a part-time schedule. Please refer to other sections of my website for my  Iyengar yoga teaching schedule and Physiotherapy practice.

Please direct any inquiries by either calling me directly at 604 671 9159 or via email.