January 2023

How does one adapt to change?

Changes happen in our work life, in our accommodations and what we call home, with the additions and loss of family members and friends and of course for our own health. Often it is for health reasons that immediately and over time dictate how we move forward in our journey of life.

The long and short is that I have had to make significant changes in my life for health reasons. We all must adjust in ways we never believed would be inevitable and necessary.

I have and will continue to make changes in my work and teaching life, in where I call home, and in dealing with age related changes within my own family and self.

For many years, I have had an independent Physiotherapy practice in my Vancouver home. Recently, I have expanded this space to include a small well equipped yoga studio which I call “Mountainview Yoga studio”.


This space that can accommodate 5 students spaced 8-10 feet apart with window ventilation. Protocols and Guidelines as dictated by our provincial health officer will be enforced and followed by those participating as a student or client.

I will continue to see both past and new clients in my Physiotherapy practice on an  accommodating schedule. Please refer to other sections of my website for my  Iyengar yoga teaching schedule and Physiotherapy practice.

I will continue to the best of my ability, to Nuture a passion for Gardening:

Please direct any inquiries by either calling me directly at 604 671 9159 or via email.